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Photos by M. Carmen Lane Courtesy of ATNSC


Usui Reiki Level One

Level One Usui Reiki is an alternative therapy that helps to promote self healing and understanding by using energy to cleanse and balance the body's chakras. It is a self-only practice, allowing the individual to connect with their own energy and intuitively guide their healing journey.


Usui Reiki Teacher Training

Usui Reiki Teacher Training provides a comprehensive program to help you learn, attune, and teach new practitioners the powerful healing techniques of Usui Reiki. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process of attuning your students to the energy of Reiki and provide all the tools and knowledge you need to become a successful Reiki Teacher.


Kemetic Ra Sekhi Level 2

Kemetic Ra Sekhi Level 2 is an alternative therapy committed to building a practice that centers the BIPOC community. Our services assist clients in developing a deep-rooted healing relationship with Ma'at, and reconnecting with their true divine nature. Through this course, practitioners will be available to provide services, that strive to empower their clients with the tools to heal, grow, and expand.


Usui Reiki Level Two

Level Two Usui Reiki is an advanced form of Reiki, allowing practitioners to work with clients in a more in-depth way. With this level of Reiki, practitioners can build their clientele, create a practice, and expand their healing abilities. This level of Reiki is a great way for practitioners to spread their message and help others on their journey towards healing.


Kemetic Ra Sekhi Level 1

Kemetic Ra Sekhi Level 1 is a powerful alternative therapy for energy healing and self-development. This service offers an opportunity to tap into the ancient wisdom of your ancestors through the veneration of the Goddess Sekhmet. By engaging in Kemetic Ra Sekhi Level 1, you can unlock the power of your spirit to heal and grow.


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