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Ritual of Resolution 22-23

Sitting here this early AM thinking about the energy surrounding today. The yearly ritual of the Holy Days around this time and its massive groupthink (programming). We create traditions within this energy and have deeply rooted core memories within it as well. We are programmed into thinking that December 31st at 12 am not only starts a new day but a new year.

The definition of Resolution modern day

1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.

2. the quality of being determined or


3. the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.

Its Etymology a breaking or reducing into parts; process of breaking up, dissolution…

Dissolution in Alchemy

Spiritually, Dissolution can be understood as the stage in which we free ourselves from our inauthentic and acquired sense of identity.

How can you create a new pattern without first breaking the old one? In order to do so you would have to be honest with yourself about the unhealthy patterns you have now in order to make resolute (a firm decision) on changing them for the better. Another etymological definition given for resolution is “steadfastness of purpose”. I am quite sure that a diet change, going to the gym more often etc. will add to your routine but not your purpose.

It is said that when we start a new goal to begin with something tangible that we know we can achieve and challenge ourselves from there. Start with your home, both physically and consciously and work your way to the external. Most resolutions aren’t even made with us truly in mind but as a comparison and conversation piece when groupthink is again activated around this time. “What’s your New Year’s resolution?!”

We are in Capricorn season which utilizes all it’s resources to overcome the difficulties on its path. Capricorn ruled by Saturn, the master teacher that challenges your authenticity to stand on your square and do what you need to do to get up that steep mountain.

While in a winter season (depending on the climate of your area) that requires us to slow down, go within (hibernate) and tend to ourselves in an concealed way (a.k.a. everyone ain’t in your business) until we can spring forward with new life.

Tonight at midnight the planetary hour is in Venus. Love, beauty and balance. What does that look like for you? The Ritual of Resolution is still powerful and purposeful when we understand our energy and that of our environment. Don’t just do cause everyone else is, do it because it serves you purpose and you can use it for your betterment overall. Stay true to you and have a fabulous Gregorian New Year, whether you are the life of tonight’s party or bringing in life to your living room 😉.


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