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New Year...New Patterns

Welcome 2022!! The customary reset button that most of us are looking forward to. A way to start fresh and maybe do it right this time or better than the last. Most of us (scratch that ... all of us) are still reeling in the threshold of the unpredictable global setting of the pandemic, with new variants and the different challenges bubbling up from it. The world continues to encourage us to shift past our threshold and face fears we may not have known we had. Here are a few tips to start you off with ensuring that you stay present with simple, yet healthy new patterns to support staying focused on whatever goals you've set for your self this season.

AM Routine

  1. Drink water. Staying hydrated is so important.

  2. Touch your toes and reach for the sky. Wake up your body with some gentle stretching. YouTube is awesome, with great options to choose a nice 10-15 minute morning yoga flow. You can also use the MindBody app to see what studios in your area are available either virtually or in house, if time permits. Maybe even try a little Qi Gong or Tai Chi if vigorous movement isn't your thing.

  3. Meditate. Take a few moments each morning to catch your breath. Set your intention of how you want the day to go.

Midday Routine

  1. Drink more water, lol. We tend to forget.

  2. Make sure that your breaktime, is your time. Eat a full meal and actually take the opportunity to enjoy it. Unplug for your 30min or hour break. I know it's hard not to scroll, but what about that book you've been wanting to read. How many pages can you get in while eating that garden salad?

Evening Routine

  1. Decompress from your work life before diving into your personal to-do list. Take an hour or so just to refocus your mind to shifting from deadlines, follow ups, etc.

  2. Enjoy family/friend time. Or just enjoy yourself. Turn on your favorite song. Take a nice walk to get some fresh air.

  3. Drink water before you hit the sack. Journal/meditate and engage in closing affirmations for the day to allow your body to rest throughout the night. There's nothing more annoying then the infamous 2am realization that you neglected to do something earlier. Check to see what bedtime stretches you can engage to help you wind down. Yin yoga or restorative is always a sure way to come back to self after a long day.

Remember, time is always available. You are the most important part of the equation, so take care of you so that you can take care to rule your world.


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