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Divine Intervention

So heeeeerrre we are (in my Usher voice). We made it to Friday good people!!!🙌🏾Welcome Venus and the refreshing breath of her beauty and sweetness.

I’m sitting comfortably in my Venus placement today.

The swirling thoughts of facing adversities during the healing journey is taking full time in my headspace, as I am plucking away at what that feels like in reality vs a projected narrative.

I was having a discussion with my students in our Ma’at class about adversity. Surrounding how we use adversity to bring balance to our lives. Strengthening our resolve and spiritual muscle.

Part of that conversation stated how adversity can be a blessing. How will you know what you are capable of if you aren’t willing to show up from resilience of your divine will?

The second part of this is how real are you being with you during the moment of “hardship”? We all go through the fire in order to transform but can we keep it a buck with ourselves when it comes to addressing the ugly 💩 that surfaces when we are called to grow and expand?

Truth is we’re always going to be tested but can we pass them? Can we really learn the lesson by taking a deeper look into us and pull from our faith and not our pain? From there becoming a master/ess of our energy and experiences, etc.

Don’t get me wrong. If you need to cry, kick, scream, break some glass…please by all means get it out baby. When you come back recall who and what you are and walk in all your glory and grace.

What I’m ultimately saying is don’t be afraid to call yourself out on your BS. When you can tell yourself the truth about what it is, you can take a breath, get back in the game and do some healing from a real place. You got YOU foreva-eva, so you might as well submit to what you need, to be at your greatest.

Senebt-i (Be Healing)

Oshun's (Het Heru) mirror is one that shows her the beauty within herself.


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