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Through cultivation of community, education, and service, our mission is to create a supportive space that promotes health, spiritual as well as personal growth. 

Within Bantu Cosmology are the following precepts:

  • Be a human being, a helpful being. 

  • Be the community's medicine. 

  • Be a leader of the community. 

  • Be a specialist, a true knower, a master, a doer. 

  • Be a system within systems; be wise and sensible to human systems. 

  • Be alive. Be an extinguisher and lighter. 

  • Be the judge of community; be the strongest of the community. 

Branch in a Glass Jar

Mwt Nekhbet, also known as Kyra, is an initiated Kemetic Priestess, seer, energy medium and body worker through modalities of Thai Massage and Massage Therapy. In kemetic culture, it is said that a priest or priestess is one who makes the medicine. Following this calling, Nekhbet began her practices in 2011 through application as well as teaching of Usui  Reiki and Kemetic Ra Sekhi. As she continues to evolve in her field through both her spirituality and physical knowledge, she is able to integrate with deeper resonance a safe, nurturing atmosphere that promotes a tangible healing experience, guiding her clients towards the discovering of their wholeness.  Through this powerful yet intentional setting an individual is given space to reconnect  to their spirit, mind, and body. As a continuous student of wellness, she is currently undertaking studies in Counseling of Ayurveda, and looks forward to offering this service in the near future. 

" The wound is the place where the light enters you."

           ~ Rumi 


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