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Through cultivation of community, education, and service, our missing is to create a supportive space that promotes health, spiritual as well as personal growth. 

Branch in a Glass Jar

Kyra Frierson, also known as Mwt Nekhbet,  is an initiated Kemetic Priestess. In kemetic culture it is said that a priest or priestess is one who makes the medicine.  In alignment with that calling Kyra is certified as both a practitioner and teacher of Usui Reiki, Ra Sekhi (Kemetic Reiki), an evolving Licensed Massage Therapist and certified Thai Massage Practitioner. She is currently undertaking studies in Ayurvedic Counseling with Sevanti Institute.


Kyra began her practice in 2012 and continues to expand in her field through both her spirituality and physical knowledge. She is always looking to integrate new modalities into her work, with a passion to guide her clients understanding of discovering their wholeness.  From the empowerment of energy and body work, as well as interconnectivity of the spirit, mind, and body, she provides a safe, nurturing atmosphere that promotes a tangible healing experience.

" The wound is the place where the light enters you." ~ Rumi 


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